5 Best Breast Pumps for Breastfeeds Mom

Do you still feed your baby by sucking? Do you want a pumping machine to help you pumping the milk in advance and than feed to baby? This article will provide you some great options for feeding a baby instead of sucking. It includes the best breast pump brand.

Why do we need breast pump?

So how many types of breast pump?

  • Double-electric breast pumps: These powerful electric models let you pump both breasts at once, important if speed is a concern.
  • Single-electric breast pumps: You’ll only be able to pump one breast at a time, which can take longer. On the plus side, these cost less than a double-electric pump.
  • Battery-operated breast pumps: These can be slower and run through batteries pretty quickly. The advantage of a battery-operated pump is that they’re portable and helpful if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet (such as when you’re commuting to work or traveling).
  • Manual breast pumps: These are lightweight, portable and inexpensive. The downside? You’ll be doing a lot of the work yourself and you may not get as much milk as a result.

Closed-system pump or open-system pump?

Before you start buying breast pump, you should know what are closed-system and open-system pump.

Closed-system pump or hospital-grade breast pump: Also cometimes called “overflow protection,” a closed-system pump is one that is sealed off from the milk by a barrier. This is the most hygenic type of pump, as the barrier prevents milk from getting into the machine, which can make tubes and small pieces difficulty to sterilize. They also tend to be more expensive than open-system pumps.

Open-system pump: These don’t have a barrier between the milk and the pump mechanism, so milk flows through tubes and other small pieces into the bottle, and therefore may come in contact with the pumping mechanism. Open-system pumps are usually less expensive than closed-system pumps.

For the following items I recommend are all closed-system models for your health and safety.

The factors you need to pay attention to when purchasing the breast pump

Weight: The weight is important when you want to feed baby outside or in the traveling. The lighter will be more convenient.

Noise: When use the electric breast pump in the public place, like train station, restaurant or Dining room, the quiet one is much better.

Price: The cost of breast pump is covered by insurance. But if you need second one or better one, the price is an important thing.

Convenience: Nowadays, there are many types like manual breast pump, electric models and wireless one.

We will give you a rate of each factor to see the most suitable one for you.

Type 1 Manual Breast Pump

Manual Breast Pump
Weight ★★★★ 80
Noise ★★★★★ 100
Price $5-$10 ★★★★ 80
Convenience ★★ 20

Breast pump reviews:

” I have a spectra 2 double electric and a Medela Harmony manual pump. I got this one because I’m an over producer and I needed something to pump fast at around 330-4am to relieve engorged breasts. My Medela Harmony stopped working properly, so I ordered this one to give it a shot and it does the job. The suction is not as great as the Harmony but I feel like this pump may last longer because of the mechanics. With the Harmony, there is a tiny o ring in the handle that can become worn easily and if that gets worn out, it stops working. I literally used it twice and it stopped working. I pumped with my double electric at 7pm and got 12 oz then 3 hours later pumped with this and got another 10oz. Not bad for a 3 hour gap with a manual pump. I did have to massage my breasts while pumping but I did that with the Harmony and even my double electric too, so that wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I only used it once so far. If anything goes wrong, I’ll definitly update this review.”

” I love this little pump. I’m so grateful I bought it. I had been using the medela pisa at home and thought my supply was getting low because when my daughter was around 5 months I noticed I was pumping less and less. One night I woke up to pump since my daughter started sleeping longer stretches. I pumped about an ounce from my medela in 10 mins. That’s not normal at all for me. I pulled out the Lansinoh and pumped 3 ounces in 6 mins. Needless to say, the suction on my medela was going down the drain. So glad I had this as back up and that it works so well. I like to use this on one side while my daughter is doing her late night feed on the other side. I usually can get 4 to 5 ounces. ”

” This is a must have pump to all mummas our there.I have medela pump in style but bought this pump for road trip.I cannot believe within 2 days my milk was double.I hardly get any milk from right side but after using this pump my milk flow is back.The design of the pump is awesome I never get tired pumping.Thank you Lansinoh for making such a life saver pump for mother struggling with milk production.Highly recommend to give it a try,you won’t regret it. ”

Type 2 Electric Breast Pump

breast milk pump

This breast milk pump is electric power and is chargeable for traveling use. USB wire is ok to charge it when out of power. We recommand this automatic breast pump for you.

Weight 1200g ★★ 40
Noise ★★★★ 80
Price $20-$25 ★★★★ 80
Convenience ★★★ 60

” Small and compact this item is great to keep in your car or in your desk at work. I can’t count the times it’s come in handy. If you have to pump as regularly as I do I highly recommend getting this as it’s small and compact size make it easy to grab and take on the go.”

” Got this as a back up pump and to use when I didn’t feel like getting my big bulky pump from insurance out. I ended up liking this one much better I have now ordered their double pump. ”

” It is a very nice small and extremely helpful mashine. Only moms that brestfeed know how painful this process can get. This mashine is a relief! ”

Type 3 Double Electric Breast Pump

bilateral breast pump3

This model can use USB wire to charge. And two side can pump in the meantime to avoid the waste of another side. I believe that it is the best double electric breast pump for mamma.

Attn: pls note the breast pump flange in case to get the wrong item.

Weight 550g ★★★ 60
Noise ★★★★ 80
Price $15-$20 ★★★★ 80
Convenience ★★★ 60

“Excellent for pumping at work! Can plug right into a computer, wall or a power bank with the usb port. Also moderately quiet and is small and light enough to tote around.”

” Great little pump. I figured since it was so cheap that I would be disapointed when I first used it. Super easy to clean it it fits basically any where. The one downside that other might have is you can not change the cup size. However you can change thw speed and strength of the suction. You can even use it for just one breast. Even if both bottles are set up on it. Great design. I love this little thing. Would buy again. ”

“Purchased this product as a gift for a friend and wanted to make sure it was good quality and came in good timing. The product came earlier than expected and they love the product. Said it has great suction.”

Type 4 Smart Breast Pump

The smart breast pump has touch screen sensor button and 36 levels of pumping way. Ultra quiet when working.

Weight 900g ★★★ 60
Noise ★★★★★ 60
Price: $35-$40 ★★ 40
Convenience ★★★★ 80

“My wife got the Medela Pump in style advance for free with our health insurance, but she wanted another breast pump for traveling. She likes that this one has a lithium battery and it really small and compact. She can fit it easily in the diaper bag or purse and it works well. It isn’t as comfortable as the Medela but she seems to get just as much milk with this breast pump.”

” This breast pump is very convenient because it is electric and not manual. It is fairly quiet, which is great for privacy. It is small and lightweight so it is easy to bring with you. I also like that is is USB chargable, so you can bring it anywhere. It also multiple modes, so you can customize it to your preferences. ”

“It is a great buy for the price of the pump. I chose this pump after my doctor recommended my wife pumped after feeding to help increase her milk supply. I read some reviews and some people say their system did not suction well or at all. We don’t have this problem while using it.”

Type 5 Wireless Breast Pump

Wireless breast pump is not like the normal one. It is a kind of electric breast pump but wireless. You can control it by a button which is separated from the pump.

Weight: 680g ★★★★★ 100
Noise ★★★★★ 100
Price: $20-$25 ★★★ 60
Convenience ★★★★★ 100

“Hands down I love this pump! I first got it cause I needed one to travel with. When I first open the I was amazed to see all I got in the box, a full bottle with led, extra pieces to help use for quick reuse and different parts to help pump in different ways. I mainly you this pump in the form it’s shown on the box. I hate sitting down so I admit I stopped using my at home 200 plus pump. I love being able to just walk around my house and pump. It’s really is just quicker to use. Since I got it on a hope it would be nice to use on my bi weekly 4 hour road trip, I really am shocked how much I use and love this pump. If your worried it’s not a “ big name brand” don’t !!!! I did have a issue with this pump and the company was on it, VERY caring, and fixed it ( in what felt like over night!) maybe not over night but really quick. I didn’t have to speak with different people. One lady handled everything, did check ups to make sure everything was perfect. Love this pump and this and this company.”

” Let me preface by saying i was skeptical of this product.
Hoooooly crap. Where has this been for the past 4 months?! Great product! This actually empties me faster than my electric medela advance double and it pulls out more milk. Usually I’m pumping around 4oz on each side. I pull 5.5-6 with this thing. It’s not much quieter than my electric pump, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s small, easy to handle, and I love that I can use it for traveling when I’m stuck in a car and don’t have access to an outlet. Wish I would have ordered this earlier!
Only one note- I have to use the strongest suction on it to draw out milk, which makes me nervous for if the motor slows down. I wil update if i encounter any issues. For now, great great great!! ”

“I’ve only had this breast pump for a few weeks, but I really like it so far. You have two options of how to use it, but I’m been using the more compact option. It’s pretty comfortable and it doesn’t pinch my breast. I just mainly use this to pump breast milk for cereal for my 7mth old, but I can see using this everyday if I needed to do so. The only con and it’s not even really a big one, is that the instructions are a little odd to read (I don’t think english is the company’s first language), but if you read it out aloud to yourself, you’ll probably be able to make it out.”

Tips to use manual breast pump.

1)Wash your hands before using a breast pump to milk or treat breast milk

2)The breast pump is hot with a hot towel before milking. Massage stimulates the areola to make the breast completely clear.

3)Milking at your own pressure. Breasts or nipples should stop milking when they feel pain.

4)Just squeeze out the amount of eight points for milking (no more than 20 minutes)

5)Use a lidded container when storing breast milk

6)Clean up breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours (3 days)

7)Do not put chilled breast milk and fresh breast milk together.

8)Thaw the refrigerated breast milk or link the container to the warm milk for warm feeding

9)After the defrosted breast milk is thawed, if the baby can not finish drinking after 24 hours, please do not repeat the refrigerated breast milk. Dispose of the remaining and disinfect the container.