How to disinfect bottle brush

For the baby’s health, the bottle needs to be cleaned frequently. Generally, it is not easy to rinse the dirt and the dirt hidden in it is not easy to wash off. At this time, the bottle brush is needed. The bottle brush is just like the ordinary cup brush.

How to disinfect bottle brush

How to disinfect bottle brush

How to use a bottle brush

First remove the baby bottle, including the pacifier, and remove the surroundings, put it in the basin, pour some cleaning agent on the brush, and wipe the contents of the bottle with a little water. Then clean the screw of the milk mouth. Finally, brush the pacifier, and use a small brush to clean the pacifier a little. Rinse the milk bottle, pacifier, and screw thoroughly with fresh water. Rinse everything and place them on the bottle shelf, and then keep the water clean. If it is a plastic bottle, it is recommended to cook the bottle with boiling water for disinfection and reuse. It is recommended that children use glass bottles for health and environmental protection.

How often does the bottle brush change

How often do the bottle brushes change, many mothers may not care much, or they are not sure. In fact, bottle brushes, like toothbrushes and towels, need to be replaced after a period of time, usually every 3 months. Over time, bacteria can accumulate, which is very unfriendly for babies with low immunity. Some mothers may rarely use bottle brushes. In this case, they can be replaced at intervals.

However, bottle brushes should be kept in a dry place and need to be disinfected before use. There are also a lot of embarrassing situations for some mothers. Some bottle brushes lose their hair after a few days of use, or say byebye after less than two months. Some bottle brushes deform quickly, especially the sponge is easy to break, and some may be of poor quality, so you need to choose some reliable bottle brushes, although the price is not very high. Well-known is NUK, mothers can buy according to their needs, in general, the quality of this bottle brush will be relatively guaranteed.

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Is it necessary to buy a bottle brush

Do you want to buy a bottle brush? Is it necessary to buy it? This question is also well answered, as long as it meets several conditions: it is comfortable to use, it is clean, and it does not cause damage to the bottle. There is no better option. If you meet the above 4 conditions, It is necessary to buy. After each feeding, many mothers will immediately clean the bottle. Because the baby’s resistance is very low, care must be taken to clean the bottle or the illness will enter the mouth, and the baby will not be able to drink milk happily. Cleaning the bottle is very important.

1. Is the bottle brush comfortable?

Many mothers choose to buy a special bottle brush instead of other brushes. The bottle brush is not heavy to use, it is light and long enough, it is easy to brush the bottle.

2.Whether the bottle brush is clean

Bottles are available in upright, rotating sponge, and nylon. Generally, they are not too stubborn. You can use a bottle brush to clean them. Sponge brushes may be unpredictable because of the softness of the corners of the bottle, but it is not a problem for household bottles that are used to wash bottles every day.

3.Is the bottle brush less harmful to the bottle?

Sponge bottle brushes do not pose a threat to bottle damage. Nylon bottle brushes may cause damage to plastic bottles. Therefore, nylon bottle brushes are recommended for glass bottles.

4.Are there any better options besides bottle brushes?

In addition to bottle brushes, toothbrushes or other brushes can be used to inspect bottles. Here we choose the comparison between bottle brush and toothbrush. In terms of area: First of all, the area of ​​toothbrushes and bottle brushes is different. Bottle brushes are significantly larger and are products for bottle cleaning. Toothpaste is launched for brushing. The toothbrush is defeated in cleaning strength. The bristles are soft: toothbrushes also have Soft, but sponge bottle brushes are softer, toothbrush bristles are harder and more thorough than sponge bottle brushes, but toothbrushes don’t seem to have many advantages compared to nylon bottle brushes. In summary, whether to drop the toothbrush.