How to use a baby bottle

How to use a baby bottle? How to bottle feed a baby? In this article we will give you the answer. 

Every baby with a family will have several bottles, and the bottles of different materials will be used differently. Many people are using the bottle, and many parents are also preparing the bottle for the baby, but as for the correct use of the bottle, many people are not very clear. So what is the correct way to use the bottle?

  1. First of all, you must choose the bottle correctly. When choosing a bottle, you must choose a good quality bottle. The baby can not use anything. When selecting a bottle, you can invert the bottle to see the nipple flow rate, avoiding the flow rate is too high, causing the baby to feel uncomfortable when using the bottle.
  1. Timely cleaning and disinfection. After the bottle is used, the remaining milk must be poured out and cleaned and disinfected in time. After disinfection, invert it in a cool, ventilated place for future use.
  1. The bottle and the baby’s face are ninety degrees when feeding. When the mother is breastfeeding, she must form the bottle with the baby’s face at 90 degrees, so that it can better promote the baby’s milk. Never use the bottle to hold the baby’s jaw, otherwise it may cause the baby to appear in the sky.
  1. Don’t let your baby lick the pacifier for a long time. The baby will remove the bottle after eating the milk. Do not let the baby lick the nipple for a long time, otherwise it may cause problems in the baby’s mandible.
  1. The nipple should be replaced in time. When the baby is breastfeeding, the pacifier is in contact. If the nipple is used for a period of time, it may cause damage to the nipple, or the nipple may develop bacteria, so the nipple must be replaced in time.