For precious mothers, everything about the baby is a big deal, especially when it comes to choosing a bottle. After all, it’s the baby’s cutlery.If not, the symptoms may not show up in the short term, but they can create unpredictable risk factors for the baby’s future growth and development.

But so small a milk bottle, a lot of brands, a lot of materials, caliber and different division, how to choose?Next, I will introduce to you the treasure mothers.

Classification of milk bottles

(1) glass.

Glass material has the characteristics of high transparency, high temperature resistance, smooth inner wall, not easy to hide the milk scale, easy to clean.The disadvantage is easy to fall, easy to puncture the baby, if you choose a safety glass bottle, because of the double-layer design, to avoid the debris injury.In general, this material can be used but be careful about the integrity of the bottle.

(2) plastic.

It can be divided into PC materials (which have been banned due to the carcinogen bisphenol A), PES materials, PP materials and PPSU materials.

Many of the above materials are used daily.Why are PC materials banned from production?Because the European Union believes that bisphenol A can precipitate into food and drink when heated, it can disrupt the body’s metabolic processes and affect infant development and immunity.So the European Union announced A ban on plastic baby bottles containing bisphenol A from March 1, 2011.

That is to say, PC materials were considered safe before 2011. Could other carcinogens be found in PP materials and PES materials by 2025 or 2035?This is a thought.In general, such plastics are not recommended.

(3) the silicone.

Originally used as A material for making pacifiers, silica gel is non-toxic and does not contain bisphenol A. Now it is also used for making milk bottles, which have the advantages of heat resistance and good air permeability.Overall, this is a bottle product that can be included in the selection.

(4) ceramics.

Ceramic milk bottle in the present is a safer material, with no poison, and a certain degree of heat preservation function.Ceramics have been around for thousands of years, and their safety has been tested over time.Generally speaking, this is a recommended milk bottle products, but when we choose ceramic milk bottles, we need to choose a trusted merchant to buy.

Stainless steel.

Stainless steel milk bottle with durability, antibacterial health, affordable and other characteristics.Stainless steel material non-toxic harmless, used in all walks of life, 304 food grade stainless steel, 316 medical grade stainless steel are safe and assured.Overall, it is recommended to buy 316 medical grade stainless steel milk bottles.

Bottle caliber selection

Standard diameter: about 3.5cm in diameter.

Wide mouth milk bottle: 5cm in diameter, 6cm in diameter.

Generally speaking, the standard caliber bottle is easy for the baby to grasp, while the wide-mouth bottle is easy for bao ma to brew milk powder and clean the bottle.Suggest novice treasure mama people choose wide mouth aperture, avoid when bubble milk powder often spill.

Some common questions about milk powder

How does the baby do not eat the bottle?

There is a process that goes from breastfeeding to bottling, which we call transmilking, and transmilking is to get the baby to accept bottling better.

So when choose and buy, choose as far as possible the pacifier that is close with teat, choose soft pacifier for instance, bubble with lukewarm water before using;

Secondly, try to choose the best feeding time, such as feeding before two or three hours do not give the baby any food, let the baby have hunger to feed, also can be in the baby sleepy or about to wake up when feeding, at this time the baby will not have the consciousness of conflict, but also can be fed when the baby is playing the most happy.

Finally, it is suggested that mothers should not directly switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, because this will be very resistant to the baby, the specific process of milk transfer is as follows:

Pay attention to bottle caries

The main reason for bottle caries is that many infants and young children like to sleep with a bottle for a long time. Another major primitive parent extended the use of the bottle.

The main way to prevent bottle caries is not to let the baby with the bottle to sleep, if the baby does not allow, then the bottle to put white water, not milk powder, juice and so on.After one year of life, gradually reduce the frequency of using bottles and use cups instead;After your baby has her first baby tooth, it’s time to brush her teeth.

Don’t use pacifiers for a long time

Pacifier can stabilize the baby’s mood to a certain extent, but if long-term use, easy to cause the baby’s jaw and teeth deformities, affect the beauty.

At the same time, if the pacifier daily cleaning is not thorough, also easy to cause oral disease to the baby, this precious mothers must pay more attention to is.