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Every mother wants to give her the best baby, and I am no exception, so I made up my mind in the early stages of pregnancy, and even if it was difficult, I had to insist on breastfeeding. After successfully unloading, I found that if I want to insist on breastfeeding, a breast pump is really indispensable ~ Because my milk is still abundant, many times my baby can’t finish eating, I need to use a breast pump to empty the breast. I also stepped on the thunder during the breast pump selection, but it was really different after I met Medela. I decisively made me give up other brands and have been using this.

medela breast pump reviews

Medela is a high-end professional brand of imported breast pumps. Many mothers around me are using it. I have been planted since the pregnancy. I used some electric unilateral and some manual. Compared with other Baoma, I always felt that the time and effort of the two sides without people ’s households was saved. This time I decided to start the Medela version. Women should be better to themselves

medela breast pumps

After I found it, it was really powerful. It was my little artifact for chasing milk. Not only is the time for breastfeeding fast, but the amount of milk has also increased, and the key is very comfortable. At night, I finally got a good night’s sleep. I used a manual breast pump to toss for nearly an hour each time. I often felt like a milk array but couldn’t empty my breasts in time. It was really uncomfortable. It’s amazing to start work right now, it only takes about ten minutes. I heard other Baoma said that such high efficiency is due to the natural sucking of Medela Silky Wing Shuyue Edition, which can suck more milk in a shorter period of time. I also use the innovative 105 ° wide angle, which reduces breast compression and can empty the breasts better. I feel that I have pumped a lot more than before, and the quality is very good. Thick ~ As a result of these changes, the quality of milk your baby eats is rising and it is better for your body.

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Many mothers also have breast problems during breastfeeding. If you ca n’t breastfeed yourself, then you need a breast pump. I recommend the Medela breast pump that successfully pulls out the grass.