The difference between tritan material and ppsu material

1.Material safety

  1. PPSU material does not contain bisphenol A, is light and durable, has a yellowish color, is not easy to produce chemical toxins, and can be heated in the microwave.
  1. Tritan is made of a new type of highly transparent Tritan material. Tritan is a new generation of copolyester material. It has passed the FDA certification of the United States Food and Drug Administration and is the designated material for infants and young children in Europe and the United States. BPA-free, safe and non-toxic, pure and transparent, lightweight and drop-resistant, and no odor, resistant to cleaning and so on.

2.material transparency

  1. Although the material of PPSU is relatively safe, without bisphenol A, and the drug resistance is also relatively strong, the bottle body is brown and yellowish, so it is not easy to see clearly. Once it is not cleaned, there will be food residues, and it will have an unpleasant odor after using it for a long time.
  1. Tritan is not only safe in material, bisphenol A free, pure and translucent, but also has no odor and is easy to clean.

3. the material is lightweight

  1. The material of Tritan is light, tough and not easy to break.
  1. Although PPSU is safer and brighter, it is easier to clean.

4.material cost performance

  1. PPSU is generally more expensive and has fewer varieties

Tritan is more cost-effective

Extended information:

Tritan advantages

  1. Environmental protection and non-toxic. Tritan is a completely environmentally friendly material that is FDA, NSF, ROHS certified. Does not contain bisphenol A (BPA), can be used in drinking water contact, food contact.
  2. Heat distortion temperature. Tritan has higher temperature resistance than traditional copolyesters, and it can work at higher temperatures, such as dishwashers. The temperature of heat-deformed HDT can reach 109 ℃, which can make it withstand the boiling water environment. It can replace PC, baby bottle, kettle and household appliances in some product fields.
  3. Chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance. Tritan polyester has a unique chemical composition that enables it to withstand a variety of chemical solvents and maintain product performance at hot and humid temperatures. Resistant to some typical chemicals: such as car oils, detergents and cleaners, soaps and detergents, toothpaste and peppermint oil, hydrocarbon solvents, 2-propanol
  4. surface gloss, smooth, light transmittance. Tritan has a light transmittance of more than 90%, a haze of less than 1%, smooth and shiny, and the surface is easy to spray oil, screen printing and coloring. These properties help make transparent products more aesthetically pleasing, and give more product design space and features
  5. High impact strength. Tritan is not inferior to PC in the notched Izod impact test, which makes Tritan products have good drop resistance. The notched impact strength of TX1001 is 950J / M, and the notched impact strength of TX2001 is 650J / M. These properties give the product a better life.

Babies need a suitable baby bottle, just like correct steering racks for a car. So I hope this article will help you to know more knowledge about it.