What should I do if I have problems with breastfeeding?

For many moms, the biggest problem is that it is difficult to find a suitable time for breastfeeding or a comfortable, private space for breastfeeding. However, sucking milk is not as easy for everyone. Here are some of the possible causes of breast pumping difficulties and some solutions:

  1. The time of breastfeeding is too close to the last breastfeeding or breastfeeding time. If the baby or you have just “emptied” your breasts for a long time, then you will definitely have a lot of milk to squeeze out.
  1. Need to adjust the settings of the breast pump. If the suction is too low or the circulation speed is too fast, then it is difficult to squeeze out enough milk. Sometimes, no matter how you adjust, your breast pump may not be able to provide the model that suits you.
  1. The breast pump you are using may not be good enough. Some people find it difficult to squeeze enough milk because they use manual breast pumps or electric breast pumps that don’t work well. Therefore, choosing a quality automatic breast pump can help you get the best results.
  1. The cup size of the breast pump is too small for your nipple. This problem is very common because most breast pumps are designed for women with smaller nipples. If your nipple is large, the nipple will swell when you suck, reducing the amount of milk that can be sucked out. Many breast pump companies are now producing larger breast pump cups. Be sure to choose the right cup for your size.
  1. The amount of milk you secrete is not enough. There are many reasons for the low amount of lactation, including too few breastfeedings.