3 Big mistakes about The Use of Electric Breast Pumps

3 Big mistakes about The Use of Electric Breast Pumps.

New mothers sometimes use a breast pump to suck out milk when they have too much milk or when their nipples are cracked.

But the new mother must pay attention to the three misunderstandings when using the breast pump.

New mothers will always face such problems. Too much milk, the baby can’t finish eating, and it is easy to cause mastitis if it is not squeezed out.Now, it ’s lost and wasteful if you squeeze it directly. So many times, new mothers like to use a breast pump to store it in the refrigerator. but

If the breast pump is used improperly, it may easily cause breast injury and even cause breast disease. Therefore, the use of a breast pump requires

Carefully walk into the three misunderstandings.

The 1st big mistake

Use breast pump instead of sucking for fear of pain

When you first start feeding your baby, most women experience nipple pain. This is normal because women your nipples are delicate and you will feel pain after being sucked vigorously by your child. But now some “squeamish” mothers are afraid of pain quickly

She gave up breastfeeding, either feeding her baby with milk or using a breast pump. As a result, her breasts could not be unblocked in time. Use Breast pumping is definitely not as painful as sucking a baby directly, but a good breast pump is not as good as sucking a baby directly Unblocking of the breast. In addition, the milk sucked out by the breast pump must be fed to the baby again, which will easily cause the baby to have a wrong nipple feel.

In fact, many examples of successful breastfeeding prove that if the first few days are maintained, the mother’s nipples will usually quickly adapt to the baby’s sucking. If mothers are unable to breastfeed for special reasons, they should insist on breastfeeding as soon as the baby is born, especially for the first 7 days, it is best to let the child suck directly through the mouth. Some mothers have nipples that are sunken or flat, and it is not easy for the child to suck. You can use a nipple retractor to slowly lengthen the nipple. You can also cover the nipple with a nipple protector to make the nipple longer by sucking it.

The 2nd biggest mistake

Excessive use of breast pumps can damage nipples. Some mothers think that the breast pump is a panacea, and they do not know that if the breast pump is used improperly, the breast pump will also be damaged. If in If you use a breast pump without unblocking the mammary glands, it may become more and more blocked. In fact, the distribution of breast ducts in women is like

Umbrella, if the upper mammary ducts are blocked, the nipples and areola parts cannot suck milk. Because the breast pump will add

Pressing on the breast for a long time will cause local soft tissue damage, and then cause edema.

In the case of a natural childbirth, postpartum physiologic breast swelling occurs on the second day after delivery and on the third day after cesarean delivery. At this time, as long as the baby is properly sucked, the mammary ducts can usually be unblocked. If you want to use a breast pump, you must first ensure that the breast duct is unobstructed. If the breast pump has caused severe edema of the nipple, even manual massage must be stopped, and the nipple can only be fully rested first. Experts also reminded mothers to use breast pumps to pump milk. Do not take too long. “Under normal circumstances, the breasts on both sides do not add up for more than half an hour.”

The 3rd big mistake

Too much milk and don’t know how to suck it out with a breast pump

Some mothers have so much milk that they can’t finish eating, but they don’t know how to squeeze out the excess milk with a breast pump. Such It is also easy to cause breast blockage. Milk, especially the postpartum milk, is extremely rich in nutrition. If it is blocked in the mammary glands for a long time, it is easy to nourish Bacteria cause pathological breast swelling. At this time, breasts feel particularly painful to the touch. Moms are often very painful, and some mothers still Fever and even mastitis. In addition, when the baby starts to breastfeed, if the mother has too much milk accumulated in the breast, a milk spray appears

The reflex causes the child to have time to swallow, which is easy to choke or simply refuses to suckle. And when the breasts swell too much, the child also

Does not easily contain areola.

It is recommended that mothers who have a lot of milk can squeeze out the front milk with a breast pump before breastfeeding, and wait for the breast to soften slightly before allowing the baby to suck. If you feel breasts are still bloated after breastfeeding, and you still feel that your milk is not finished, the mother can also use a breast pump to squeeze out the remaining breast pump milk.