There are many kinds and shapes of milk bottles on the market. At present, glass and plastic milk bottles are widely used. In recent years, silicone milk bottles and stainless steel milk bottles have appeared, but relatively few people use them.

1. Glass bottle: suitable for use by newborns

The advantage of glass milk bottle is safety good, heat resistance good, and not easy to scratch, not easy to hide dirt, good to clean, and the price is not expensive, suitable for the newborn that needs to eat milk many times to use.The disadvantage of glass bottles is that they are not strong enough and fragile, so they are suitable for mothers to hold and feed their babies at home.

2. Plastic bottle: suitable for babies over three months

Plastic bottles are lightweight and can be used after three months.Plastic bottle of the three materials PP bottle is the most common, performance is good, is the first choice of plastic bottle.PES has many of the same advantages as PP, and is easier to clean and more durable, close to the advantages of glass, though it is more expensive.

3. Stainless steel bottle: for babies over 1 year old

Stainless steel milk bottles have long service life and low price, which can be used as a bottle choice for babies over 1 year old.But because the stainless steel bottle is opaque, it’s impossible to see how much milk is left inside.

4. Silica gel bottle: suitable for all ages

Silicone milk bottles are safe, lightweight and suitable for use by babies of all ages.Of course, because of the soft texture of the silicone bottle, the baby will feel more comfortable.

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Three steps help consumers choose the right bottle

Step 1: determine the material: plastic vs. glass

The milk bottle material on the market can be divided into glass and plastic.The plastics category also includes PES(polyethersulfone resin),PP (polypropylene) and PPSU(polyphenylsulfone resin).

The glass bottle is superior to the plastic bottle except for its weak strength and fragile quality.But one of the biggest advantages of plastic bottles is that they are light and not easily broken, so they can be carried by the baby and can be carried when going out.So, the glass bottle is still mainly suitable for small infants, parents at home feeding can be used.When babies get older and want to carry their own bottles, plastic bottles start to come in handy.

PP milk bottle quality light strength, not easily broken, highly transparent, cost-effective.When choosing, parents can buy the right material according to the actual needs.Generally speaking, the use of glass bottles for feeding newborn babies.After three months, use more plastic bottles.

Step 2: determine the capacity

The bottle is divided into four kinds of capacity: 120ml, 160ml, 200ml and 240ml.Generally speaking, the amount of lactation for babies less than 1 month is about 100 ~ 120ml once.The amount of lactation for babies over 1 month should be 120 ~ 200ml once, and should be controlled at 800 ~ 1000ml per day.Some babies also drink less.

Therefore, a baby of 0 ~ 1 month needs a bottle with a capacity of at least 120ml.Some mothers buy 240ml bottles for economic reasons.But have a mother to reflect, if at the beginning with a large capacity of the bottle, when feeding always feel the baby to eat less, imperceptibly feed more.And, average milk bottle 4 ~ 6 months need to phase out to renew.Therefore, a 120ml bottle is appropriate at first.The 60ml bottle is small and easy to clean, making it ideal for giving babies small amounts of water.

Step 3: determine the purchase quantity

The number of bottles you buy depends on two things: how a mother feeds and how she USES the bottle.Different feeding methods have different requirements for bottles.

★ breastfeeding – 1 ~ 2 250ml and 1 ~ 2 120ml

Mother stays at home all day, only need to prepare 1 ~ 2 large 250 ml milk bottles, 1 ~ 2 120

Ml of drinking water, juice bottle can be.When the mother has something to go out, you can squeeze breast milk in the bottle, to ensure that the baby is hungry to eat breast milk at any time.

Some mothers take maternity leave and must return to work.Although I have to give my baby to someone else, I want my baby to drink as much breast milk as possible. In addition to the milk bag for storing breast milk, I also need 3 ~ 4 250ml bottles and 1 ~ 2 150ml bottles

Ml a small bottle of water or juice for the baby.

★ mixed feeding — 4 ~ 6 250ml and 1 ~ 2 120ml

Calculate the number of bottles bought based on the number of milks your baby drinks.

★ artificial feeding — 4 ~ 6 240ml, 1 ~ 2 120ml

According to the calculation method of artificial feeding infant milk quantity, the child in 0 ~ 6 months, need to feed more than 6 times a day.Less than 1 month of the baby a day breastfeeding 6 ~ 8 times, 2 ~ 3 months of the baby a day 6 times, in the future can be reduced to 5 times.It takes at least 3 to 4 hours for each bottle to be cleaned, sterilized and dried.

If mom has enough time at home, she should have at least 4 ~ 6 240ml baby bottles and 1 ~ 2 baby bottles.But as soon as each bottle was used up, mother washed it.If you want to be lazy, or if your parents are pressed for time, prepare 6 to 8 240ml baby bottles and 2 to 3 smaller bottles.You can save time and effort by washing all the used bottles together every day.