1. Classification of baby bottles

According to the material, milk bottles are mainly divided into three categories: plastic, glass and silica gel: plastic is divided into PC (has been eliminated), PP, PE, PES, PPSU, etc., silica gel is divided into ordinary silicone material and nano silver antibacterial silica gel material: according to the size of the diameter: standard mouth and wide mouth (mainstream);According to the shape of the bottle: arc, circular milk, square, and other types; Screw: one section (mostly in China), two sections, three sections, four sections;

Introduction to all kinds of milk bottles:

A, PC – poly carbon fiber

Commonly known as space glass, it is characterized by light, not easily broken, high transparency, suitable for outside and larger baby to use .But after repeated disinfection, “endurance” is not as good as glass .But high temperatures (over 100 degrees Celsius) tend to release Bisphenol A (Bisphenol A), or BPA, and the longer it’s used, the more it’s released .The European Union believes that BPA containing milk bottles can induce sexual precocity, disrupt the body’s metabolic process, have an impact on infant development, immunity, and even carcinogenic . From March 2, 2011, baby bottles containing the production chemical bisphenol A(BPA) were banned .PC milk bottles, which once accounted for 82% of the domestic market, quit.

  1. PP- polypropylene

PP bottle chemical stability is high, health performance is good, heat resistance is high, microwave tableware is PP plastic products generally, non-toxic, harmless to the human body, cheap price. Below 130℃ is basically safe; However, short life, long-term high temperature resistance time is short, no PC material bottle transparent beautiful; Now we use PP instead of PC.

C, PE and PES

Namely high pressure low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) these three types of polyethylene collectively.PE is short for polyethylene, PES is a few types of polyvinyl collectively, so focus on the baby industry think tank for more information. Both PE and PES are made of polyethylene. Compared with the previous PC slightly yellow, but because the transparency of the bottle is better than PP, the price is more expensive than PP. Safety and PP, 110℃ is basically safe.

D, PPSU; Comfortable material

PPSU, short for poly phenylsulfone, is a high-end bottle material. Some PPSU bottles are tawny in color and slightly soft in texture. PPSU is widely used in medical devices because it does not contain endocrine disrupting carcinogenic chemicals (environmental hormone: bisphenol A).PPSU is a kind of material with excellent heat resistance, the heat resistance temperature is up to 207 degrees, can repeatedly boil at high temperature, steam disinfection, hospital vacuum high-pressure disinfection, microwave oven heating disinfection and liquid disinfection. PPSU material has excellent drug resistance and acid and alkali resistance, can withstand the general potions and detergent cleaning, no chemical changes. PPSU bottles have been tested and proved to be free of bisphenol A toxin. They have three superior characteristics: non-toxic glass bottles, light plastic PC bottles and unbroken plastic bottles. The oretically , PPSU is the most ideal and reassuring bottle material.

  1. glass baby bottles

Transparency is high, easy to clean, repeated high temperature disinfection does not deteriorate, but fragile, so the glass bottle is suitable for feeding newborn babies, by mom and dad holding feeding. But after four months, the baby began to naughty, considering the safety, appropriate for plastic bottles.

  1. Silicone baby bottle

The bottle body is soft, light and durable, easy to suck, not easy to aging, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, not easy to break, safety material, concerned about the baby industry think tank to obtain more information. Easy to carry, high price, not easy to clean.

2. Bottle capacity

Bottles are divided into 80ml, 120ml, 160ml, 200ml, 240ml, 270ml, 300ml and other capacities, which can be selected according to the amount of food the baby eats at a time. Generally speaking, less than 1 month of the baby’s breastfeeding volume 1 about 100 ~ 120ml.For babies over 1 month old, lactation volume should be 120 ~ 200ml once, and should be controlled at 800 ~ 1000ml per day. Some babies also drink less.

Therefore, a bottle with a capacity of at least 120ml is required for 0-1 month  old babies. Some mothers simply buy 240ml bottles for economic reasons. But there is a mother’s reflection, if the beginning with a large capacity of the bottle, feeding always feel that the baby eat less, unknowingly feed more. And, general nursing bottle 4 ~ 6 months need to eliminate renew. Therefore, the initial choice of 120ml bottle is more appropriate.

3. Selection of bottle shape

  1. round bottle:

Suitable for 0-3 months of the baby with. This period, the baby eats the milk, drink water basically is to depend on the mother to feed, round bottle inside neck is smooth, the fluid inside flows smoothly. Breastfed babies had better drink water in small sizes and store breast milk in large sizes. Babies fed in other ways should be fed in large sizes to feed their babies at once. Focus on the baby industry think tank for more information.

2. curved and circular baby bottles

The darling of 4 months of above had the desire that holds a thing strongly, arc bottle resembles a small dumbbell, annular bottle is a long round “O” type, they are convenient baby’s little hand holds, in order to satisfy their own desire that eat milk.

  1. baby bottle with handle

The baby of one year old or so can hold bottle to eat by oneself, but often hold not steady, the bottle of this kind of similar practice cup is specially prepared for them, two movable handles are convenient for the baby to use small hands to hold, still can adjust handle according to the posture, sit, lie can.

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