Currently, the world health organization believes that breastfeeding reduces child mortality and that its health benefits extend into adulthood, Breastfeeding knowledge is so important for moms,they recommend that infants be fed exclusively breast milk for the first six months, followed by continued breastfeeding with appropriate complementary foods, until age two or longer.

Although many mothers want to be able to provide breastfeeding for their babies, the road of opening, chasing and blocking milk is a miserable one.Some mothers are immersed in a few months in a row “everyone said not enough milk mother, but I tried all kinds of ways, scientific milk, scientific breast, but still not enough milk” in the pain.Some mothers are even despised for not enough breast milk, until depression, every day to see the child hungry to sleep not to jump off the building.What xiaoyou wants to say is that mothers who insist on breastfeeding are great, and mothers who do not succeed in breastfeeding do not need to be despised, just try their best.As mothers, they all deserve to be respected by everyone.

If you are still in the way of chasing milk, xiao you would like to say how to chase milk correctly, I hope to help you treasure mothers.

1. It takes time to open milk

After the baby is born, the first time to drink milk is to open milk, open milk needs a lot of skills, but also to put into special patience.If the puerpera delivers smoothly, mother and child health condition is good, after the baby delivers, let the baby suck bilateral nipple respectively 3 ~ 5 minutes, can suck a few milliliters of colostrum.Cesarean section mother left the operating room back to the ward, as long as the doctor allows, you can give the baby lactation.Because cesarean section needs to lie flat for 6 hours, then the mother can let the nurse or family help, the baby on his chest, let the baby stomach suck their nipples, take turns to suck on both sides, as soon as possible to stimulate the milk is significant.

Baby sucking is the most effective way to stimulate lactation!At the beginning of lactation, in order to promote the secretion of milk, the mother can be 10 to 12 times a day for the frequency of lactation, that is every 2-3 hours.After every lactation, mother remember to drink a cup of warm water in time, to supplement the water lost in the body, promote the production of milk.

2.Kissing is best

The most fundamental way to chase milk is to kiss feeding, baby feeding as needed, and keep both sides of the breast can eat, to achieve both sides of the breast in turn empty.Human brain is like a commander-in-chief, only when the breast emptying will give orders to produce milk, if the long-term breast can not empty, the brain thought there are many “soldiers”, will be slack even cause “milk”.

Special circumstances cannot kiss feed or when the baby feeding times need low, can use a breast pump to empty the milk, even at night to empty.All we have to do is tell the brain that more milk is needed, which is the principle of “the more milk you suck, the more you suck.”

3. Correct breast holding posture

Only the baby’s correct breast can effectively eat the milk, the mother is also the most comfortable.

The correct nipple should look like this: when the baby is holding the nipple in the mouth, the direct contact between the upper and lower jaw should not be the nipple, but the areola!The baby’s nose, lips and chin are close to the breast so that it can be fed efficiently.

The Mayo clinic book of parenting

Every mother has her own breastfeeding position that feels most comfortable.Of course, different body conditions, the recommended nursing posture is not the same, common nursing posture has the following four:

4. Pay attention to rest and diet

Adequate sleep and rest are more conducive to the secretion of milk and good mood to maintain, in addition to breastfeeding, the rest of the time had better have relatives to help with the baby.At the same time, relax during breastfeeding and do something to make yourself happy.

Adequate rest: must ensure adequate sleep and rest time, only the mother rest well, milk can be sufficient;Miscellaneous things, can leave to family to do, don’t be embarrassed.

Keep optimistic: a good mood, milk production can be normal, can let mothers breastfeeding more smoothly.

Drink more water: the vast majority of breast milk is water, if the water intake is insufficient, will also lead to a decrease in breast milk secretion.

More calories: maintain a balanced diet to maintain your mother’s milk production and health.

5. Stay away from harmful substances

Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and drinking less coffee during breastfeeding.Mothers who need to take medicine for special conditions should also take it under the guidance of doctors.

6. Avoid medications

Although some drugs can be used during lactation, there are certain drugs that can affect milk secretion and should be avoided.Of course, also need not because use medicine to stop lactation blindly, do not give up food for choking, still have to see a situation, under some circumstances, only when the mother is healthy, can secrete more milk.Therefore, if you really need medication, it is recommended to consult your doctor first and then follow the doctor’s advice.

7. Communicate timely

In the pursuit of milk this matter to get the support of the family, adhere to their own feed at the same time, do not casually add formula to the baby.

Of course, if the mother has tried to do the above, the baby is still hungry, not to achieve a reasonable weight growth, it is necessary to increase formula milk, and then use these methods to follow milk, after all, the healthy growth of the baby is the most important.

Xiao you suggested that in the process of chasing milk to have a good state of mind, the use of a variety of methods is not good, do not blame yourself, keep the mood is very important.If at this point in your life you are lost, I hope this article is useful.