Coronavirus Declaration

Coronavirus Declaration.pdf

To all the clients around the world:

Thanks for opening this massage. I fully understand your concern about CoronaVirus. We have received with similar questions for so many times because we based in China. So we are writing this massage to you to explain the cargo business under this situation.

The goods has no problem!

First, the virus is mainly transmitted from person to person through contact and droplets. So far there have been no cases of infection from objects.

Second,WHO issued a special notice stating that packages and cargo were not at risk of infection. Not to mention cross-border trade.

Third, our government has taken strong measures to prevent the spread of the virus, even extending holidays and suspending some industrial production.

The area where our factory is located is not a major outbreak area and none of our employees are sick. So please don’t worry.

Any more questions, please feel free to contact us.

Warm regards

Mammafeeds Team