How often to pump breast milk?

Many mothers can’t stay at the child’s side for feeding because of work or other reasons. At this time, most of the mothers will choose to milk. They think that breast milk is more nutritious to children, but they are very Doubt, is it better to squeeze milk once in a few hours?

How long should we pump milk?

Look at your milk, depending on how much milk you have at home, if your baby does not rise in one hour, it will be fine if you wash it twice in two hours after work, but if you eat it once an hour at home, your milk is still rising. If you want to suck out the excess, you have to take it once an hour or even 40 minutes after going to work, because the baby can suck the milk of each breast tube evenly, and the breast pump is difficult to put the side of the breast. The milk of the breast tube of the surface layer is sucked out, so when sucking milk, the breast is sucked by the hand from the root to the nipple, so that the breast tube on the side surface does not accumulate milk. No matter how long you take it, you must eat enough baby. If your milk is not enough, you will have time to suck, suck more, and have more milk.

How to spur milk

  • The first step is to heat the towel. When you feel the milk, wring the hot towel and apply it on the breast to form a circle with a nipple in the middle.
  • The second step is to massage after the hot compress. You can adjust the sitting posture, hold the single breast with both hands, squeeze from the breast to the nipple, and promote the milk out. Need to pay attention to this step, be sure to “package” the towel with your hands, press the breast tightly, do not let the towel rub on the skin! The most important thing about breast-feeding is to suck out the milk.
  • The third step is also the most crucial step. The use of a breast pump creates a vacuum space that promotes the stable secretion of milk. It can be gently stretched by the petal massage pad, imitating the baby’s sucking action, evacuating the breast lumps and promoting the secretion of milk. Whenever the mother feels the milk is rising, the milk should be sucked out.
  • In the fourth step, the use of manual breast pump can also promote the milk that is insufficient for mothers to secrete more milk. Through the effect of suction and massage, the milk is secreted more quickly and naturally.
  • The fifth step, be sure to let the baby “suck early”! The sooner your baby touches the mother’s chest, the more stimulated the potential, so that the mother’s nipple can be found more quickly and properly attached and sucked. In general, a mother who wants to give birth needs to let her baby suck in half an hour after giving birth, and a caesarean section mother should try to complete it within an hour after giving birth.

If some treasure mothers are too busy to accompany their children and must be milking, it is recommended that everyone milk properly. On the one hand, master the time, on the one hand, master the amount, because only in this way can breast milk be fresh, research shows that the baby Drink fresh breast milk and grow faster. Of course, reasonable milking also helps your health, hope that the above knowledge can help everyone!