How to choose a breast pump

How to choose a breast pump?

On the subject of breast pumps, many mothers may have the same concerns as Jon’s mother,

Will I have milk? Is it too late to buy again? Manual pump will be very tired? buy

Is the electric one worth it?With so many brands, which one should I choose?If you’re being held up here

I hope this article will help you in some way.

What kind of mom needs a breast pump? With jiong mother’s own experience, suggest facing

The following mothers should not hesitate to consider:

New mothers with receding nipples have begun to milk, but have not mastered it at first

Lactation techniques, coupled with the small mouth of the newborn baby, so the initial failure to lactation will feel wrong

Depression is common, especially among mothers with inverted nipples, so mom recommends that mothers with inverted nipples be the most depressed

Good store a breast pump, you can suck out the nipple so that after normal lactation.

After having the mother that carries milk to plan north up wide these cities mother, once go to work basically late

Go up ability to go home, the mother that insists mother’s milk is about to enter back milk army at this time. The breast pump is the back

A must for a dairy family.

The mother of milk more milk more mother, if do not extrude the surplus milk, very

Easy cause mammary gland block, suffer from mastitis thereby. Of course, mothers also have to master the scale of nursing,

Reasonable method is, absorb soft can. So, also need to store a breast pump. Besides, it is right to keep milk

Baby is not good, if the mother’s breast in the accumulation of too much milk, the baby next time to eat milk, will appear spray

Milk reflex, resulting in too late to swallow, very easy to choke milk. And when the breasts get too big, son

It’s not easy to hold the areola. However, it’s important to remind mom that if the milk is going up too much,

Do not go up breast suction device directly, squeeze a bit first however hand come out, can harm mammary gland otherwise.

The mother that the home has premature baby sucks ability to be low commonly premature baby, the mother that holds to breast milk needs to put

The milk is extruded and placed in a special breast feeder, so for this type of mother, the breast pump is also

A necessity. But for normal babies, she doesn’t recommend using a breast pump instead of direct lactation,

Because direct lactation has a lot of sucking machine cannot replace the advantage, again good sucking machine also is inferior to treasure

Bao direct sucking is conducive to the dredge of the mammary gland. And, with the breast pump out of the milk, but also

Feed the baby with a bottle to eat, trouble not to say also easy to make the baby produce nipple illusion.

In other cases, he was baked in the oven just days after his birth due to a high jaundice index

Blue light, isolation treatment for several days, this time only breast milk with regular suction

To ensure a continuous supply of milk. During lactation, mothers are to eat grains, not allowed

Which day have a headache head is hot, took medicine cannot nurse, after a few days ability continues to feed, for

To maintain the volume of milk, you also need to suck it out with a breast pump.

Do breast pumps really have these benefits? Jiong mother once read an article about the benefits of breast pump, very

jiong’s mother disagreed with some of its views:

Point one: the use of a breast pump, each time the baby milk time will not be too long, sucking is effective

Sucking, will not develop the habit of biting the nipple to sleep (direct lactation easy to cause the baby’s nipple

Rely on, make the baby suck milk for a long time thereby, and really effective suck time is not long, easy to raise

Into the habit of sleeping with teats.

Is that really the case?

Jiong mother has consulted experts on this, pediatric experts strongly opposed to the direct use of a breast pump

Lactation, the breast pump is just a substitute that can’t be lactation, simply means that there is no way,

Instead of you choosing a breast pump it’s all right, as for the baby with a nipple to sleep that is breast milk no

Enough or bad habits, not long lactation time.

Point two: with a breast pump, a mother doesn’t have to feed her baby anytime, anywhere, or for a total amount of time

A posture remains the same, make waist sour leg ache?

Do you question that?

Feeding the baby is a rare parent-child process, breastfeeding and baby communication on the baby

There is no substitute for the benefits of intellectual initiation and development. Mothers can save money by squeezing out a breast pump

But without this precious process.

Point 3: the use of a breast pump, the baby is not easy to grow moss, will not get clothes

Wet;(direct breastfeeding can easily cause eczema by making baby’s face full of milk and neck.)

Do the mothers agree?

Jiong mother seriously disagree, the same reason, the milk pump is not a direct lactation of the alternative


Point 4: with a breast pump, the mother won’t have cracked nipples and avoid the pain.

(a baby’s sucking can break the mother’s nipples, triggering inflammation that can lead to forced termination

Stop breastfeeding.

Are you holding back?

Jiong mom thinks this is not the reason to choose the breast pump, nipple crack, for all to insist

Breastfeeding is inevitable for mothers, if you stop breastfeeding

Milk, mother is not worth the loss of things.

Point 5: weaning is easier with a breast pump.(not to mom)

Mom breast produces dependence, can add other food to the baby appropriately and timely, wean gradually.

Some babies refuse to eat other things when weaning, the mother will be very painful oh!

This is ridiculous.

You need to learn – milking direct feeding is to extract milk and stimulate breast milk

Secrete the most effective method, sucking machine second, but embarrassed mom feels mom still had better should learn

How to milk a cow by hand. After all, skin to skin direct contact, than plastic cover stimulate milk spray reflex

Simple. And hand squeeze is “carry around” completely free of breast suction, can be solved at any time

A rainy day for mothers.

Step 1: wash your hands before milking. Wash them thoroughly with soap.

Step 2: massage the breasts with a warm towel to help the milk flow out.

Step 3: prepare appropriate containers.

Step 4: place the thumb and index finger 2 cm from the base of the nipple, thumb and index finger

In contrast, the other fingers hold the breast.

Step 5: press the chest wall gently with the thumb and forefinger, thumb and forefinger downward

Pressure is applied to the antrum of the areola, which is used to collect milk

Put, the milk can drip from the nipple and gradually increase. Don’t press the nipple with your fingers. Pressing the nipple won’t

The pressure to produce milk must be on the sinus.

Step 6: squeeze each breast for at least 3-5 minutes at a time. The two breasts can be squeezed alternately

Because of the pressure. The total time should be 20-30 minutes.

About the use of breast suction N kinds of big zhen pseudo ready to store breast suction mother, often

There are concerns:

With a breast pump, milk will be less and less? Not really, breast pump

The principle and the baby sucking is similar, part of the mother’s milk gradually reduced is caused by many reasons

Of: individual constitution, mental state, nutrition and so on, with suction machine direct correlation is not much.

Can using a breast pump lead to poor milk quality? There is no problem with the quality of milk and whether to use a breast pump

It has to do with individual eating habits, individual differences.

With the breast pump can make milk eye become big leak milk? The nipple is stimulated to produce milk

Reactions happen in a lot of different ways. This can happen even with direct breastfeeding,

It’s not about the breast pump.

Can make mammary deformation? Suction is too strong, improper use does not rule out this possibility, jiong mother has seen

This is a story about a mother in Taiwan who used a milk pump with too strong a suction

The two breasts are of different sizes.