How to clean Medela breast pump

The problem comes when the breast pump is used. How should the breast pump be cleaned? The following mother net encyclopedia teaches you how to clean your mommy. It is convenient and practical.

1. Horn cleaning:

You can use hot water to put it into the basin to soak it, or use a bottle cleaning agent or the like. After cleaning, it can be easily disinfected. However, it is noted that high temperature sterilization will affect the life of the speaker cover.

2. hose cleaning:

Method 1: Take out the tube, place some warm water in the cup, then insert the tube into the water at one end and the other end in the mouth. Repeated water absorption several times, the hose can be cleaned during the water level lifting process. Then you can do it all.

Method 2: Insert one end of the tube into the hot water (the temperature of the water should not be too high). The other end is attached to the breast pump. Then open the rear cover of the breast pump and remove the battery. Place the breast pump on the table with a water-absorbent towel on the bottom. The pumping power supply is connected successively, and the water is pumped through the hose to achieve the cleaning purpose. Then stop, remove the tube, and dry. Note that the hose should not be placed in a high temperature sterilization pot.

3. bottle connection elbow cleaning:

Place in soaked water. Then use a cotton swab or other items that can be touched on each part. Note that try not to put it in the high temperature sterilization pot, which will affect the life of the plastic parts.

4.body cleaning

When cleaning the body, use a semi-dry towel to wipe the surface and the rear compartment, but the reminder is not to put it in the sterilizer.