Nowadays, there are a lot of “slacker devices”, including the breast pump. But for the use of not used or will not use the breast pump of the treasure of the mother, the middle of the night to feed the baby, but also sit on the bedside milk, is a great helpless painful thing! More let treasure mothers chest pain, than the baby is almost weaned, only to find that they have used the wrong breast pump……

Summarize a few pits of the breast pump, let you treasure mother attention to avoid:

Mistake # 1: must suck the breast until it’s soft

Indeed, a lot of doctors said to empty the breast, otherwise the milk, milk. But to milk water this is much, even the baby eat a side to be full of hemp people, row of empty also and! Non! Good! Thing to do! Because this milk volume secretion is greater than the needs of the baby, blindly asked to completely empty the breast. Can make milk quantity more and more, cause breast to rise frequently milk, need treasure mother to keep sucking milk, save milk.


Milk on demand to balance supply and demand. If bao ma has encountered the above situation, can reduce the number of nursing, nursing to the comfort level can, do not have to completely empty, after the milk will gradually reduce, not only to meet the needs of the baby, but also to help bao ma avoid the trouble of milk.

Mistake # 2: if you can’t suck it out, you think there’s less breast milk

No milk = no milk? This view is wrong for three reasons:

1, breast milk less and viscous (such as: colostrum), so the milk is not out of the normal phenomenon. It is recommended that the baby suck, for the newborn, the amount of colostrum is enough to meet the needs of the baby.

2, the breast pump is not completely wrapped, resulting in the air out, will also cause the situation of sucking out of the milk.

3, a wide variety of breast suction, single and double head, manual, automatic, if the treasure mother when breast pain, that is not suitable for you. Breast nipples vary in size from mom to mom, and proper breast pumps and horn covers are critical. Because of the long-term use of inappropriate suction, not only can not suck out milk, but also may cause mammary gland blockage.

Mistake three: the product milk wants to rely on to massage dredge

A lot of treasure mother encounter milk will hope to place on the breast pump, but the massage function of the breast pump to solve the problem of milk, and what to use. Excessive  aspiration can cause partial mammary gland canal to block blocked instead, ache aggravates.


When lactation mother appears to accumulate milk situation, the breast pump can only act as an auxiliary role. First of all moderate empty breast, local heat compress, press next knead whole breast 5 or so, massage the breast gently to areola direction again, in order to make the milk discharge of siltation, promote milk duct smooth. Massage when the breast can daub a small amount of vegetable oil, lest the skin chafes the injury. If you have a fever, you can take some anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are not allergic to penicillin, you can eat amoxicillin or cephalosporin.

Mistake # 4: sucking for more than half an hour

Treasure mother emptying breast always feel, discharge milk must suck clean, action must be one breath, after the end of a watch: “ah! It’s been an hour.” Nursing mother nurse time is too long really good? In fact, excessive use of the breast pump may cause areola edema, the baby breast difficult, bao ma nipple pain.


Sucking time should not be too long, the sucking time of both sides breast maintains in 30 minutes is better. If the breast is painful, stop immediately and let the breast rest fully.

When is it best to use a breast pump?

After the birth as long as the baby in the side, at any time can suck, is not the need to pump. If the baby does not suck, or the milk is less, you can indeed use a breast pump to maintain the milk volume and milk chase.

But always keep in mind that sucking your baby has an emotional connection that allows you to produce prolactin faster, and that the breast pump is just an aid. Once the milk level is more balanced, stop using the breast pump and give it to your baby.

Mammafeeds breast pump

Mammafeeds breast pump