It’s not mother’s fault that baby refuses nipples

Since I have a baby, I pour water into my stomach every day, whether it’s good or not, as long as I can get milk. The mother has worked hard to keep her from returning milk, but the baby on the other side likes to drink milk from the bottle instead of breast milk, so she will worry about the mother. Many mothers even think that their own milk is not good enough to cause their babies to be unwilling to eat.

A parent came to consult before. When the baby was born, the mother and the baby were separated for various reasons. The baby has been eating milk powder. He was worried that the breast milk would not be secreted and he would suck it out with a breast pump. When it was time to breastfeed, I found out that the baby did not eat nipples.

When this happens to your baby, it is actually called “nipple confusion”. This phenomenon is more common in breastfeeding

Sucked the bottle before, or used the bottle frequently for some time. Because the bottle is easier to suck out, and when sucking the nipple, it takes a few mouthfuls to suck out breast milk, so the baby who is used to the bottle will be more resistant to sucking the nipple, which can also be attributed to the word “lazy”.

As soon as the baby has “confused nipples”, some mothers or other people in the family think that the milk is not good, and the baby is unwilling to eat, so stop breastfeeding and switch to pure milk powder feeding. This results in less and less breast milk until there is no more. It’s a pity that the baby can’t eat the most nutritious breast milk, and buying milk powder is an expense. When your baby has a nipple confusion, don’t rush to deny yourself. In fact, this can be dealt with.

⊙ Immediately discontinue the feeding bottle, with a thorough attitude and a firm stand

When the baby is not hungry, continue to try to feed. If the baby does not eat, wait for a while and try again. If the baby is hungry, use a dropper or a small spoon or a feeding aid to assist in feeding. In short, don’t use a bottle. Seeing that the baby was irritable and crying, many mothers were not firm, so they took out the bottle again. Instead, it creates a reflection for the baby: you have to cry to get the bottle.

moms remembers: if you don’t stop the bottle completely, when the baby cries, she takes it out again.Artificially prolong babies’ confusion time.

⊙ Increase milk volume

Moms with confused nipples are often troubled by “insufficient milk”. This is because the baby with confused nipples only eats the bottle and does not eat the nipples, which results in inability to suck and stimulate the nipples, and moms ’s milk will become less and less, and she will eventually have to switch to milk powder feeding. In order to maintain and increase the amount of milk, moms can use the breast pump to simulate the sucking of the baby, artificially stimulate the nipple and increase the amount of milk. You can pump your milk once an hour and a half to two hours. Don’t wait until the milk is bloated.

⊙Stimulate milk array before feeding

As mentioned earlier, babies with confused nipples actually want to be lazy, because it is easier and easier to eat a bottle than a nipple. Therefore, the mother can stimulate the milk array before feeding, so that the baby can eat breast milk with a big mouth.

Specific method: relax, thinking about the cute appearance of baby feeding, gently squeeze the nipple with your cleaned fingers to turn left and right, and touch the front of the nipple from time to time. When the breast feels itchy, the breasts become firm, and the nipples are wet. If you gently squeeze them, milk will spray out, which indicates that the milk array is coming. Hurry up and pick up the baby to feed! The milk array stimulation method is also very helpful for breast pumping.

⊙ Solve nipple problems

Some babies do not eat nipples because of the problem of the mother’s nipples. Some mothers have short or thick nipples, which makes it harder for the baby to suck. Solving the nipple problem at this time is fundamental. Some mothers share their experience and use a breast pump to suck out the inverted nipples for a long time. Mothers with short nipples can use a nipple protector to let the baby suck.

⊙ Don’t force feed

When the baby is not hungry, don’t force the baby to feed. The mother can hold the baby to play first, let the baby move, and lie down. Parents tease their babies more, which can not only increase parent-child intimacy, but also indirectly increase the baby’s activity, making the baby’s hunger stronger. Keep your baby close to your breasts during feeding, and then send your nipples naturally to your baby’s mouth to allow your baby to spontaneously breastfeed. Generally according to the above recommendations, the baby will quickly adapt to the nipple, but requires the persistence and patience of the parents. Mothers must not easily deny themselves and maintain a confident and optimistic attitude, which is more conducive to milk secretion