Manual vs Electric Breast Pump, Teach You How to Choose Breast Pump

The breast pump is divided into manual and electric, and the two functions are similar, but the advantages and disadvantages of the two are different.

The electric breast pump is small in size and very convenient to carry. It is very suitable for the working mother who goes to work to complete the process of sucking milk quickly. The suction is even, the whole process of sucking milk is like sucking milk for the baby, and there will be no situation of high and low. In addition, the electric breast pump is easy to clean, the moving parts are completely sealed, and it is only necessary to clean the parts that contact the milk when washing.

Compared with electric breast pumps, manual breast pumps are cheap and fully manual. If there is no electricity, they can operate freely. This is not comparable to electric breast pumps. The manual breast pump can control the amount of milk pumping very well. If you want to suck it, you can stop it and stop it without sucking. However, manual breast pump cleaning troubles should also pay attention to disinfection, large size, and inconvenient to carry.


1, price: manual breast pump is cheaper, electric breast pump is more expensive.

2, the operation is different: manual breast pump needs to do it yourself, easy to hand acid, sucking milk slowly; electric breast pump can be plugged in the power, and there are stalls, easy to suck milk.

The biggest advantage of the manual breast pump is that it is cheap, but the operation is troublesome, and manual sucking will make the hand more sore; the electric breast pump is more convenient to suck the milk, the absorption capacity and the sucking speed are faster, but the price will be Relatively expensive, so you can choose according to your own needs, I use electric breast pump, it is more convenient and easy.

On the other hand, in addition to the price advantage, the other aspects are more excellent in electric power. I recommend the new Aventie’s original breast pump, the price is moderate, you can plug in the battery or you can install the battery, it is also very convenient to go to the back of the small milk. If you buy a unilateral breast pump, it is recommended to collect the bottle, twenty or thirty, when the milk array can be used to suck the other side.

Hope you will have a better living now of breast pump after reading this article.