Material types and advantages and disadvantages of pacifier

Natural rubber, elastic and soft, gives the baby a taste closer to the mother’s nipples.The disadvantage is the soft edge of the nipple, easy to dislocation when tightening, easy to leak.And it has a rubbery smell that some babies may not like.

Silicone synthetic rubber.Compared with latex, harder, but not easy aging, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, odorless.Although there is no leakage problem, some babies may feel rejected when sucking.

Pacifier shape and advantages and disadvantages

Pacifiers are either round or thumb-shaped.The thumb-shaped, or oblate, pacifier is based on the shape of the mother’s nipples squeezed when the baby sucks, which is closer to the head of the breast and more acceptable to the baby than the round shape.

The pacifier hole

The sucking force of the baby and sucking way have different, different shape of the nipple hole, milk fluid flow rate will be different, suitable for different babies.

Round hole this is the most common type, round hole pacifier, milk will flow out automatically, baby sucking up effortless, suitable for the baby can not control the flow of milk.

The size of the pass is generally divided into S, M and L.The small round hole is suitable for drinking water, the middle round hole is suitable for drinking milk, and the big round hole is more suitable for drinking rice paste and other auxiliary food.

Crosshaform crosshaform pass can be sucked according to the baby to control the flow of milk, not easy to leak milk, large pass can be used to drink fruit juice, rice noodles or other coarse drink.Suitable for babies of all ages.

Y – shaped milk flow stable, can avoid nipple sag.Even if the baby sucking, sucking hole will not crack.Larger pass, can be used when adding food.Suitable for babies who are used to drinking milk from a bottle for more than 2 ~ 3 months

Method of disinfecting pacifiers

  1. boiling disinfection
  2. Prepare a stainless steel skillet filled with cold water, deep enough to completely cover all cleaned feeding utensils.(stainless steel pot must be specially used for disinfecting milk bottles and cannot be mixed with other cooking food at home)

2, if the bottle is glass can be put into the pot with cold water, such as water boil 5 ~ 10 minutes and then put in the pacifier, bottle cap and other plastic products, cover the lid and boil for 3 ~ 5 minutes after the fire, wait until the water is slightly cool, then use the sterilized bottle clip to take out the nipple, bottle cap, to dry and then set back to the bottle for later use.If plastic milk bottle, after waiting for water to boil, and then put the bottle, pacifier, bottle cover together into the pot disinfection, about 3 ~ 5 minutes can be boiled again, finally with the disinfected bottle clip pick up all food utensils, and placed in a clean and ventilated place, upside down drain.

3, want to remind is, the edible utensils that plastic makes, unfavorable boil long, put in again after water so proposal, boil 3 ~ 5 minutes can, otherwise very easy spoil.You can also pay attention to the temperature label on the bottle. If you are not resistant to high temperatures, it is best to use a steam cooker for sterilization.

  1. steam boiler sterilization

There are a variety of functions, brand electric steam cooker on the market at present, parents can choose according to their own needs, the way of disinfection only haze to follow the instructions for operation, can achieve the purpose of disinfection feeding utensils.But it should be noted that before using the steam boiler disinfection, still first all bottles, pacifiers, bottle cover and other items thoroughly clean, and then put them together, press the switch, when the disinfection is completed, will automatically cut off the power.

After the baby’s bottle disinfection, the bottle should be left inside the water thoroughly pour, then drain upside down, and with the sterilized bottle clip, the sterilized bottle, pacifier, bottle lid, etc., clip placed ventilation, clean place to cool, and cover with gauze or cover.In addition, if the bottle has not been used after 24 hours of disinfection, a new disinfection operation should be carried out to prevent bacterial growth.After the baby drinks milk every time, the mother can use the bottle brush to clean the bottle, collect and place it on the bottle rack to dry, wait to accumulate to a certain number or the size of the disinfection pot can hold, and then sterilize the work together.So the mother must prepare many bottles at a time to meet her baby’s needs for a day.

  1. microwave sterilization

After cleaning the bottle filled with water into the microwave, open the high heat for 10 minutes.Do not put the nipple and joint cover into the microwave oven to avoid deformation and damage.

Bottle feeding method

The mother first speaks to the baby in a soft voice to calm the baby’s mood and help the baby to tie the bib.

Carefully lift the baby from the crib, holding the baby’s neck with your hands.

Hold the baby diagonally (at a 45-degree Angle) in the cradle style and sit firmly on the feeding chair.

The mother holds the bottle in her hand, filling the nipple and neck with milk before placing it in the baby’s mouth to prevent him from inhaling too much air.

In the process of feeding, the mother should talk with the baby interaction, to keep the baby happy mood.

After feeding, wipe the baby’s mouth clean with gauze towel.

Hold the baby’s chin against the mother’s shoulder in the upright position and pat the baby’s back with the hollow palm upward until the baby burps.

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