Some points to Brest pump

If the baby premature, jaundice in hospital, back milk, the use of a breast pump to be regular, to ensure that both sides of the suction, after going home to kiss feeding.
The treasure mom with little milk, use a breast pump to help increase the amount of milk, the baby ate one side to be full, still can suck another side to be soft, especially go out also not afraid of milk to rise, can be said to be discharge milk artifact, because the breast does not need to save milk.
In special cases, if the doctors advised mother to temporarily stop breastfeeding, for example, because mom is taking drugs may be harmful to the baby, or need short-term hospitalization, so in the mother can’t give the baby breastfeeding during this time, use the breast pump to suck out the milk, can continue to help maintain sufficient milk secretion.
You may use the breast pump at any time under the following circumstances:
(1) if you suck to feed the BB in the hospital;
(2) if your breasts are swollen (and sore), you can suck a portion of the milk between feedings to relieve the pain, which also makes it easier to suck;
(3) if your nipples are sore or cracked, suck out the milk and feed until they return to normal;
(4) if you are separated from the baby and want to continue breastfeeding when they are reunited, you can suck out milk regularly to keep it flowing..
(5) when the mother can not master the correct hand milking skills, the hand milking and pain after milking, milking extrusion place redness for a long time after milking, all indicate that the hand milking is not correct, at this time the correct use of suction is a better choice.
(6) breastfeeding should be stopped during the period when the mother is taking certain drugs that may be harmful to the baby, and the milk should be sucked out regularly with a breast pump.
Correct use of breast pump in three different situations
1. Early maternal and infant separation. You know, the breast pump is certainly not a milk opening tool, so in the baby has not directly sucked the mother’s nipple when the use of breast pump, the risk is still very high. If there are some special circumstances after the birth that cause the separation of mother and baby, then the first consideration is whether to seek help from the hospital, whether it is possible to provide a medical-grade breast pump, and the best way to open milk and collect colostrum with massage hands.
The suction device that buys on the market, write to be suitable for 4-6 weeks after giving birth mostly. The main reason is the newborn sucking way and the baby born for a long time impasse , plus the new mother postpartum also cannot secrete milk in large quantities, so the colostrum volume is very small, and thick, at this point it is necessary to use the gauge sucking device, those difficult to discharge the milk of the breast discharge, let the breast form from the circulation, thus accelerating the milk. But when you start using a breast pump, you may feel pain in your nipples and breasts, or even edema. So do not use a breast pump too early, the best in the mother’s milk can be normal secretion, and then gradually began to use a breast pump to stimulate lactation, at the same time can be squeezed out of the milk retained for the child to eat.

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2. Carry milk to work. This time, in fact, the mother’s lactation are relatively stable, the breast pump can also adapt to compare good, mom at the beginning, don’t too mind when using a breast pump production breast to adapt to a new kind of lactation stimulation is certainly need time, don’t cry because it is not ideal in yield can increase the intensity of pumping and extend the using time, this would not significantly increase the amount of milk, may make the breast were injured.
3. Excessive production. Too much milk is also a painful thing, many mothers because of fear that the milk is not empty will cause is silting, causing mastitis, they continue to use a breast pump to suck, this additional stimulation, we are not advocated, this will lead to the mother of prolactin secretion disorders, milk production continues to rise, lead to milk, the formation of a vicious circle .In fact, under this situation, the mother should adjust the frequency of the use of the breast pump according to their own feelings, try not to suck the breast to a soft drop of milk did not give the degree, to maintain the degree of ease and comfort, to achieve the balance between supply and demand.
Use and cleaning of breast pump
The correct way to open a breast pump?
1. Wash the breasts with warm water and massage them.
2. Put the sterilized glass cover on the areola to make it tightly closed.
3. Keep it well closed and suck the milk out of the breast with negative pressure.
Put the sucked milk in the refrigerator, refrigerate or freeze until needed.
1 before the use of the breast pump, it is best to rub warm hands, gently massage the breast, to help open the breast, otherwise easy to appear when sucking edema.
2. After returning home every day, thoroughly clean the breast pump to prevent bacteria from growing in the residual milk, and regularly disinfect the breast pump.
What is the cleaning procedure of the breast pump?
The first use of a breast pump or breast milk storage container (other than a sterile breast milk storage bag) should be cleaned.
Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer and wipe them with a clean, unused towel.
Disinfectant wipe switches, regulators and countertops.
After removing all components, flush with running water any parts in contact with breast/breast milk.
Wash components with warm soapy water. Use a small brush to help remove stains, grease, or dust.
Rinse thoroughly, at least twice in hot water.
Place the bottle and container openings downward on a clean towel or paper towel, cover and allow to dry naturally, making sure no droplets remain.
Place the dried components in fresh plastic bags, plastic patches, paper towels, or airtight containers.
After each use, clean containers and small brushes and let dry naturally.
Finally, there are three things to be aware of when using a breast pump.
1. The areola is inflated, and there is a sense of particles when touching, and the volume of suction is reduced.
2. There is a sense of granulation in the breast, local induration and even hardening areas.
3. Breast root or armpit pain, local acupuncture pain.
The breast of mother lactation should be soft, and in regular filling – empty process, make the breast condition better and better. But when using a breast pump, still want to pay attention, because the tool is not omnipotent, the mother had better be able to regular self-examination of the breast, when the above three situations, you have to be careful.
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The pump must be used properly. I hope every mother can find a suitable breast pump, reasonable use, let the breast pump become their own milk, back of the good helper.